The Lab  

“The Lab’s program has given me more confidence thanks to my gains in strength.  I have the ability to absorb and give hits on the ice.  I am able to stay strong throughout the entire game because of the extra conditioning and work capacity training.”  
-  Nicholas Rosati – King’s Midget, Downingtown East  

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personal training in Exton

“I have been able to stay injury free because of the smart in-season and off-season training at The Lab.  The techniques and skills I have been able to learn at The Lab have allowed me to handle any type of training program with my school or club organization.” 

-  Matt Flinn – JR Flyers, Downingtown West  

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Athlete of the  Month 

January 2017 - Alex Gershman

Organizations we work with:


Programs offered include:

S4 Semi-Personal Training

Our proprietary S4 Personal Training program designed for highly motivated athletes who wants access to the most complete athletic development program.  We utilize the latest methods in Sports Performance including

  • Triphasic Training Models/Periodization

  • Reactive/Neurological Methods

  • All Plyometric Variations including "Shock" and "Accelerated"

  • French Contrast Methods

  • Compensatory Accelerated Training (CAT)

  • Biometrics to measure velocity and drop off in performance

Team training

Let us work with you to elevate your program and become your in-house Strength and Conditioning resource.  We can add value to your organization by offering sports-specific educational programs or clinics to your team/organization at no cost to your members.